Friday, February 04, 2005

Dear readers.To all those out there reading this.My honourable school fajar secondary school held a very prestigious event on 2nd february.Prefects invesiture.A very fine event where the dogs of the school wearing read leashes and green coats parade infront of the whole school to display how fine theyve serve their master and what good doggies they were.And to share the joy of the canine anointament,other dogs from other schools were invited.

the prefects

I loved these dogs!They guard the gate in the morning and ready to bark at any trespassers[our honorable latecomers] and mark their scent on a piece of pink paper where another dog trainer sets the punishment.These dogs also honour our country by beautifuly leading us in the school song with an outrageously annoying accent especially the big dog[you got it!Its Fazal the bastard himself]These prefects also guard our canteens sniffing out food or driks when taken out of the boundary.THey spare no mercy and just bark the anger in them when a felony was commited.How so trustable.


When treated properly with bribings and if you are attractive.THese red leashed dogs can be very caring and indeed prove to be men's best friend.THank You.BE KIND TO ANIMALS


Monday, November 22, 2004
Phew! Finally, done helping Subaroo clownie with his Marilyn Manson web blog skins...


Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Welcome all.I Subaciousnous have permited and estabilished a portkey to another dimesion.This trancedent dimension is a wonderful flame of burning irony that resides in us all...crap,nonsense,bullshit,hogwash however you put it!This stupid for me to spill out some of my crappy ideas and thoughts inhope to exercise Singapore's vision of a entrepeneurship and and lifelong learning.Pleases support my campaigns and donate to my charity drives[youll know what I mean my ironical amigo!]!


about my empty pathedic life

My name is Subaciousnous im suffering from Brokomia.

Well my name is Subaciusnous.Well,Im a christian.I hate god!He's magic no good sial!I love satan as satan prsonally offers me pleasure through masturbation and pornography whereas god offers me pleauser through prayer?Whatta hell?

Lord of Death
Stirring swirls of fallen leaves
relish how the cold bites
flash past the black expanses
spaces between streetlights
half-seen shadow
thrashing vicious sneers at passing
cars-- cruel, indiscriminate
hate; hate.
stride unbroken ready
for white teeth
clench steel
gripped in rage's pangs
lord of anger
lord of death
glinting off bared fangs
charged fury
backed in the cramped
corner of your mind--
flung over the barrier
roll for cover
mesmerized by fear
hard not to find
shivering in the trash--
prick your ears, but
don't look behind.

piece of satanic pages



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My credits go to Marilyn Manson
Ok his real name is Brian Warner.
He created the name Marilyn Manson based on his philosophy of human beings having two personality.
One a positive loving and virtuous one.
The other an evil,scheming and negative one.
Marilyn come from the sex symbol Marilyn Monore which he thought personified the good side of him and Manson is the name of a
serial Killer Charles manson which on the contrary represented his bad side
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